kaizen approach

I. Basic Principles
1. Focus on:
(1) Produce what is needed now (orders received)

(2) Produce in the quantity needed now (orders received)
(3) Sell Just-in-time
Implement in this order and aim for cost reduction through the relentless elimination of waste: implementing Kaizen.

2. Cost reduction as the main driver:
(1) Cost reduction, not cost accumulation
(2) Profit and cost
(3) Production methods alter costs

3. The notion of waste(Muda)
(1) Definition of waste
(2) Types of waste
(3) The evil of "overproduction"
(4) The concept of efficiency
(5) Operation availability and rate of operation

II. The two pillars of production
1. Just-in-time-production
1.1. Continuous process flow
(1) MAN - multiple process handling, standing "operation" -> walking "operation"
(2) MATERIALS - one piece flow, synchronization, elimination of isolated "job shops"
(3) MACHINES - realize the 1:1 relationship among processes, operations and equipment
                            - equipment that can rectify flow
(4) CUT LOT SIZES - reduce set-up times

1.2. Output requirements  determine TAKT time
(1) Takt times and standard operations
(2) Flexible manpower line (minimal manpower)

1.3. The pull system
(1) The pull system & fill-up system

2. Autonomation (Jidoka)
2.1. Movement vs. work

2.2. Quality is built in to process
(1) difference between machine autonomation & automation
(2) autonomation of manual lines - Fixed stops

2.3. Flexible manpower line
(1) separating the work of machines and humans
(2) eliminating "superfluous viewers" through autonomation
(3) Preventing the recurrence of abnormal situations

2.4 Shop mgmt is the mgmt of abnormalities
(1) Visual control
 - Give people standard operations, fixed-position stops and pacemakers
 - Give objects KANBAN, standard work-in-process and production control boards
 - Give machines ANDON signal lamps
(2) No work/full work control
(5) Autonomation (JIDOKA) continuously


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