My contribution to all lean practitioners

With the help of the publishers of Memory Joggers, GOAL/QPC, I am pleased to share with all lean practioners this quick reference handbook that provides the lean six sigma principles, methodologies and tools in a simple and visual way to be shared in the gemba.

While lean is simple, teaching it to others requires a thoughtful approach. In this handbook, I share my 10 years of experience on doing lean in a practical and visual way.

It is a simple and concise visual learning tool experience for those that want understand the methodologies, tools, and principles of Lean Six Sigma. You can use it as a quick reference guide, kaizen learning tool, a problem solving workbook, identification of waste and kaizen ideas, or a self-paced preparation guide.

Click here to download the first chapter

To Order an e-book or a printed version, please do so through the GOAL/QPC website.

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