Lean Six Sigma at Jabil: ASQ presentation

Inviting all lean practitioners in the Tampa area to my next presentation entitled "Lean Six Sigma transformation: making it to stick" at ASQ Tampa/St. Petersburg Section.

Date: February 11, 2013
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: St Petersburg Clearwater Marriott
               12600 Roosevelt Boulevard
               St. Petersburg, FL 33716
Despite of all the resources and efforts that many organizations have committed to become Lean Six Sigma, evidence of truly successful transformation are scared. A recent large survey found that only 2 percent of companies that have a Lean Six Sigma program achieved their anticipated results. Even more, the Shingo Prize and the National Quality Baldrige organizations that give awards for operational excellence, went back to past winners and found that many had failed to sustain their progress.Why is so difficult? Why to many failed? What can we do?

This presentation will address these questions and provide insight look of how Jabil, a 130,000+ employee company with HQ in Saint Petersburg, is facing these challenge.

Click here to download this presentation.


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