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2012 IW Best Plants Conference
When: April 23-25
Where: Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, IN
"The IndustryWeek Best Plants Conference has been the premier advocate for continuous improvement and operational excellence since 1993. The Conference includes keynote speakers, plant tours, multiple tracks, general sessions, IW Best Plants panel discussions and the IW Best Plants awards ceremony."  IW Best Plants Website

The Making of 100,000+ Problem Solvers: Jabil's Lean Six Sigma Body of Knowledge
Education is a foundation for success at electronic solutions provider Jabil. Jabil's mission is to develop a capable workforce of exceptional people focused on continuous process improvement. At the heart of this development cycle is the Jabil Lean Six Sigma Body of Knowledge, which focuses on lean awareness and problem solving. Certified employees become coaches and mentors to those learning to apply their classroom knowledge in a project-based learning environment.
This session discusses Jabil's successes in instilling a Lean Six Sigma culture through a comprehensive education and development program, combined with executive management support. It also shares valuable lessons learned from an earlier, unsuccessful attempt to implement lean.
Key Takeaways:
  • Gain insights on deploying Lean Six Sigma across a large organization.
  • Learn details of Jabil's three knowledge levels -- bronze, silver and gold -- and how certification in these levels assures the work force is truly grasping lean concepts in practical ways.
  • Hear about the importance of mentoring and coaching, and support from all levels of the organization.

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