Jabil, a Company with 100,000 Problem-Solvers

This article points out how Jabil has increased cost savings by 323% with over 20,000 Lean projects since April 2011. In 2010, the Jabil Lean Six Sigma certification program was launched globally with the philosophy that the Lean Six Sigma approach at Jabil is fundamentally different from competitors. Jabil’s philosophy is simple – “make each Jabil employee a problem solver, a very effective one”.  Read full article.

“Our relentless efforts to train everyone in our organization in Lean Six Sigma, from our top management to our front-operator in each of our sites around the world is the key to successful projects, millions of dollars savings and quality improvements.”                                                                                                              Jaime Villafuerte

Creating a Company with 100,000 Problem-Solvers (April 16, 2012). Jabil Blog: Aim Higher. Retrieved from http://blogs.jabil.com/creating-a-company-with-100000-problem-solvers/

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